Between me and you I Heidi Strauss I adelheid I H. Strauss © Jeremy Mimnagh

between me and you

Heidi Strauss


between me and you

Heidi Strauss, alone on stage and not devoid of touches of humour, captivates with her intriguing presence. It’s happening between you and her. And us…

Delving into her personal and physical archives, between uncertainty and openness, the choreographer speaks of those fleeting moments when we come together as a collective. Her elegant choreography, combined with an unvarnished set, allows us to glimpse the gaps that lead us back to the essential, to the middle, to the in-between. The choreographer, who works extensively in Toronto, has a talent for conveying through the body that which can never be coherently expressed in words. Theatre, dance and performance, this work is an ode to the fundamental importance of listening to oneself and to others. At Agora it will happen between me and you.

Heidi Strauss


April 10-11-12 2024 – 7 PM

50 minutes

29$ | 35$

Meet the artists, April 11 after the performance

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