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B-Side #4



B-Side #4

Research and development laboratory, symposium, workshops and training for street dancers.

B-SIDE is a five-part event dedicated to thinking, training, and researching in street dance.

‘B-Side’, in Hip-Hop terms, refers to the backside of a vinyl record. Many have found lost gems, remixes, live cuts as well as limited editions! B-SIDE provides a stimulating platform that facilitates greater cultural exchange, and more focused exploration and insight into choreographic development for street dance, overall.

B-Side is an initiative of company Ebnflōh | Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé  since 2019.
The fourth edition of B-Side takes place from June 12 to 23, 2023 @ Agora de la danse.


    1. Research and development laboratory for street dancers
      For 10 days, the experimental lab research allows 8 artists to explore an embryonic idea in studio before presenting it in an informal setting. B-SIDE allows free reign as to choices and artistic orientations.


    1. EBNFLŌWING – Intensive training for street dancers

    Sunday, June 18, from 9am to 7pm

    With the support of Caisse Desjardins de la Culture

    The weekend training sessions allows 15 to 20 selected up and coming street dancers to directly hone both the style and technique of their craft with specialists of the field right on hand.




    Friday, June 16, 6pm to 10:30pm

    6pm-7:30pm BoxWon

    7:30pm-9pm PAX

    9pm-10:30pm DrRico

    Registration at the venue from 5:30pm

    Limited space

    $ 25 1 workshop / $ 60 3 workshops

    Info: christina@ebnfloh.com




    June 13, 20 & 21, 6:30pm to 9pm

    June 13 – Gliding Intensive – hosted by JStyle

    June 20 – The CookOut Hiphop – hosted by Anthony Palomeque

    June 21 – Bgirl Battle for the Pot – hosted by VicVersa



    Thursdays, June 15 & 22, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

    Conferences on Hip-Hop and Street Dance – Open to all
    The Symposium brings together top-level pros from the world of street dance and Hip-Hop making for a lively forum on the current state of the art form.


    June 15

    “The good the bad and the ugly”performative aspect: self directed VS imposed learning.

    Invited guests: Cindy “GoldyLocks” McAuliffe, Jaleesa “Tealeaf” Coligny, Samuel “Mass” Cyr 

    Hosted by Pierre-Michel “PM” Jean-Louis 


    June 22

    “The sacrifices of the dance workers

    Invited guests: Emmanuelle “Cleopatra” Lê Phan, HYA, Word

    Hosted by Jean-Édouard “Sangwn” Pierre-Toussaint

Information –> ebnfloh.com

Christina ‘Hurricane Tina’ Paquette christina@ebnfloh.com


12 au 23 juin 2023

Production and a presentation by Ebnflōh dance company, in co-production and in co-presentation with Agora de la danse.

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