A Matter of Life & Breath


A Matter of Life & Breath

Returning home from his first trip to India, Roger Sinha suffered a severe asthma attack that brought him dangerously close to death, igniting a renewed awareness of the importance of breath in one’s life and in one’s dancing.  In another time and place, famous explorer Peter Freuschen found himself trapped in an igloo during a blizzard, realizing the shelter was closing in on him, slowly becoming his shroud. For his new show, Roger Sinha drew inspiration from these two anecdotes. The breath of life and the breath of death…  Interested as ever by the use of new technology, the choreographer directs six dancers whose movements and breathing sometimes trigger sound and visual effects through interactive technology. As faithful as ever to his artistic vision, he creates a hybrid vocabulary sprung from both his Indian heritage and contemporary expression, where movement, words, images and technology bring forth a poetic language of the body.


March 9-10-11  8 PM + March 12 4 PM


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