The contrasts that emerged when the Italian choreographer Chiara Frigo met the Quebec choreographer Emmanuel Jouthe led to the creation of When We Were Old. Their energies mingle together in this two-hander as they confront, nourish and contaminate each other. Two distinct individuals engage in a dialogue, and are united by dance. They discuss bygone days, the new replacing the old, the need to destroy in order to rebuild. Linked by Laurent Maslé’s sound environment, two separate physical styles, two individuals from unrelated cultures give birth to a new poetry, a hybrid language of unsuspected richness.

Choreographers and dancers
Chiara Frigo (Italy), Emmanuel Jouthe (Quebec)

Dramaturgy advisor
Guy Cools

Artistic consultant and Rehearsal director
Christine Charles

Sound design
Laurent Maslé

Lighting and Technical director
Philippe Dupeyroux

Danse Carpe Diem

April 24-25-26 / 8 p.m.



Co-presented by Agora de la danse and Tangente

WHEN WE WERE OLD - Agora de la danse

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