Duos pour corps et instruments


Duos pour corps et instruments
Duos pour corps et instruments, a [re]creation, is the perfect opportunity to see or to see once again this outstanding piece from the repertoire of choreographer Danièle Desnoyers. First presented in 2003, this intimate work is currently performed by three exceptional artists: Karina Champoux, Clara Furey and Anne Thériault. Electric guitar equipment has been modified and revamped to make this a dance that can be listened to as, one after the other, the dancers plunge into a powerful dialogue with the musical universe invented by sound designer Nancy Tobin. Sharing a palpable pleasure in being onstage, they explore the musicality of the body. Previously performed on three continents and now (re)created ten years later, this piece established Danièle Desnoyers’ reputation. It remains a performance that has lost neither its punch nor its poetry.
Choreography and Stage Design: Danièle Desnoyers Sound Creation and Design: Nancy Tobin Dancers: Karina Champoux, Clara Furey, Anne Thériault Original Dancers: Sophie Corriveau, AnneBruce Falconer, Siôned Watkins Rehearsal Director: Sophie Corriveau Musical Research: Kevin Ei-Ichi de Forest Lighting: Marc Parent Video Concept: Danièle Desnoyers, Steve Montambault Editing: Steve Montambault Costumes: Denis Lavoie

Le Carré des Lombes



Duos pour corps et instruments - Agora de la danse

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