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The noises and lights of the city are the very driving force of this piece. Presented on 15 consecutive nights and performed by the dancer Naishi Wang, it plunges the spectator into immersive interaction with the surrounding cityscape.
After Tokyo (Japan) and Poitiers (France), this solo by Paul-André Fortier has now come to Place des Festivals in Montreal. Regardless of the weather, the dancer Naishi Wang will perform for 15 consecutive nights a dance that echoes the city at night. Captivated by the present moment, the passerby discovers a work that is fully immersed in the cityscape, directed and staged by the noises and lights of the city itself.
Choreography Paul-André Fortier Dancer Naishi Wang Rehearsal director Ginelle Chagnon Costumes Denis Lavoie

Fortier Danse-Création

30 minutes

The performances take place at the Quartier des spectacles – Place des Festivals, at the intersection of Jeanne-Mance and Sainte-Catherine W. Produced by Fortier Danse-Création Co-produced by TAP –Théâtre et auditorium de Poitiers
15 X LA NUIT - Agora de la danse

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