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<a href="/en/pages/winter-spring-2016">Our brand new season is here ! Take a tour.</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/behind-between">Double bill with Marie Béland with BEHIND ... + BETWEEN : (IN)VISIBLE ENIGMA CHATTER</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/les-choses-dernieres">A woman emerges from the night, as though from hidden territory, her movements peering into time.</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/la-demarquise">La Démarquise by Louise Bédard Danse: DIALOGUE WOMEN SOCIETY</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/vital-few">Vancouver's 605 are in Montreal for their new piece Vital Few!</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/nous-ne-sommes-pas-tous-des-danseurs">Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs by Sophie Corriveau</a> <a href="/en/spectacles/2016/abecedaire-du-corps-dansant">Abécédaire du corps dansant − A-Action, B-Blessures, M-Muscles&nbsp; May 3 to May 5</a>

2016 Winter and Spring Season at Agora de la danse / Photo © Yannick Grandmont


Discover our new 2016 Season
Creativity - Audacity - Contemporary dance

A vital fixture in the Québec cultural landscape, Agora de la danse is a cherished place for artists and fans of contemporary dance. A major presenter with a solidly established reputation, Agora de la danse invests in creation by offering artist residencies and encourages experimentation and innovation. For the past 24 years, it has offered steadfast support in the progress of this seductive and vibrant art form and has left an indelible mark on the great dynamism of contemporary dance.


How does dance reveal itself to each of us?
Discover the double bill BEHIND ... and BETWEEN  a Marie Béland and Montréal Danse collaboration, where the choreography ends up exposing more than it hides.

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