Enjoy dance performances in your home!

Webcasting of dance performances is a new feature available to Agora de la danse audiences. We have adapted our venues to provide you with new ways of enjoying dance via digital technology, taking care to retain the very essence, quality and experience of live performance as best as possible.

Be sure to read these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and take note of the viewing link on your electronic ticket (PDF file sent to you at time of purchase).

What is an Agora de la danse webcast?

Agora de la danse presents webcasts on demand, top quality videos of the shows we feature, that can be viewed online.

Here are a few tips to help optimize your webcast experience.

You can watch a dance performance at any time within the time period listed on the event webpage (and on the e-ticket received at time of purchase). It is your responsibility to view the content within the time period indicated, as tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. A ticket for a webcast cannot be used to attend a live performance of the show.

After you buy a ticket on our ticketing platform, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Order e-mail that includes your e-ticket in a PDF file. Click on the video link that is part of your e-ticket and enter your unique access code to start the webcast.

No. The link and the access code are given to you personally and are not valid on any other device.

To view the performance on two separate devices (e.g. as a gift to someone you know), you must buy two separate tickets.

Be sure to distribute the different e-ticket viewing links and access codes among the various individuals (and their devices). Each device must have a different access code or viewing will be blocked.

You can access the video link using the browser on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Note, however, that you can only view the webcast on one device. Make sure you properly set up your audiovisual equipment.

  • To avoid problems at the time of broadcast, make sure you are connected to high speed Internet access. Use a service like speedtest.netto verify your connection speed. The basic standard is 4 Mbps.
  • Make sure your high speed Internet connection is free of any interference that could overload it (other active devices, heavy downloads, etc.).


The link is on your e-ticket, which you receive when you make your reservation (PDF file attached to the e-mail message).

Your unique access code is entered on the e-ticket you receive when you make your reservation (PDF file attached to the message). You’ll be asked for it when you link up to the webcast.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the e-mail containing the video link and your access code didn’t end up in your junk mail box. The link and the code are entered on your electronic ticket (PDF).


I had to exit the webcast due to a problem with my device. Can I reconnect?

  • If you are obliged to reconnect because of a problem with your device, you can use the same link and access code to reconnect. Rest assured, our platform will detect that it is really you, and the risk of blocking or shutdown will be low.
  • If your access code is blocked at the beginning of the performance, contact the box office.

What do I do if my video link or access code doesn’t work?

If the link doesn’t work when you connect to the webcast, first make sure that:

  • You haven’t shared your e-ticket with someone else;
  • You didn’t open the viewing link on another device.

Still not working? Contact the box office at billetterie@agoradanse.com or call 514-525-1500.

Some tips to optimize your webcasting experience

When you log in, the video player takes up to 30 seconds to adjust to your device and to give you an optimal image.

If the full quality of the image takes a long time to arrive, click on the icon in the lower right corner showing a cogwheel (gear) to shift the broadcast to HD quality (1080p) rather than staying in automatic mode.

In the event of poor sound or no sound, make sure you’ve increased the volume to maximum level (in the lower right corner).

Make sure that the sound level of your device is well adjusted to avoid saturation (audio peak) or too low a volume. For optimal sound quality, we suggest using headphones.

Make sure that your high speed Internet connection is free of any interference that could overload it (other active devices, heavy downloads, etc.).

If the problem persists, try restarting your device and reconnecting to the webcast. You can also try to remedy the situation by reducing the image resolution. Click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner, or exit full screen mode.

If you have a problem with your link during the webcast viewing period, contact the box office at billetterie@agoradanse.com or call 514-525-1500.