A Unique Fall Season – In more ways than one!

In this unprecedented context of sharing artistic experiences at a distance, have we gone back to the future? Are we once again novices and neophytes as regards dance appreciation? Agora de la danse is delighted to share with you these initial moments of a ritual reborn: dance performance like never before!

New experience, new emotions. To experience dance performance in our venue in a context of social distancing is to open up to the ambience and aura of a singular aesthetic approach. With spectators two metres from each other, you will have the impression that the artists are dancing just for you alone – or almost!

For this new season and given the special context of the past few months, we wish to extend a warm welcome to those coming to our venue. Rest assured that we will be most attentive to the safety and well-being of one and all.

To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for our visitors, and for the well-being and security of the artists and our staff, we have reduced our seating capacity to 41 seats and have implemented health and safety measures in our performance venues.

Please consult our guidelines in place PLAN YOUR VISIT

Agora de la danse

Let your spirit soar Let yourself goEnjoy the dance experience. Agora de la danse invites the public to experience diverse and stimulating contemporary dance in the very heart of Montreal. This unique venue for presentation and creative support presents a season of recent new dance works, provides residencies to artists, creates bridges between artists and citizens, co-produces new dance pieces and offers all sorts of public activities centred on the art of choreography.