Dance-related activities all year long. Agora de la danse offers many activities to a public curious about new ways of interacting with contemporary dance. Come into the studio and chat with the artists, attend a public rehearsal or take part in a movement workshop.

Lunch Backstage

Lunchtime art. During lunchtime, attend a rehearsal and see the creative process in action. This exclusive peek at an upcoming show is followed by a discussion with the creative team about the ideas and techniques pursued during the rehearsal. Who knows? Your feedback might have an influence on the final artistic decisions.

Meet the Artists

Post-show encounters. As part of its residency at Agora de la danse, La 2e Porte à Gauche will be revamping the traditional Meet the Artists format, hosting this season a series of interdisciplinary discussions full of opinions and unruly voices.

Thursdays following the performance.

Thursday February 15 Margie Gillis
Thursday March 15 Jérémie Niel
Thursday April 12 Dana Gingras
Thursday April 19 Jacques Poulin-Denis
Thursday April 26  Thomas Lebrun